Ghosts on the highway bored to death and standing on trial
A transistor serenade a silhouette of a hand on the dial
I'm a long way from even, even if I'm a short way from you
But I'm going where ever I feel like something is about to come loose

There's a road long the river, a paper town and a well running dry
You can't walk on the water from the ground so don't even try
I'm a long way from lonesome and I won't fake what I don't have too
So I'm going where ever I feel like something will lend me my youth

Cry out tonight
An unlucky strike hit parade
Dry the whites of your eyes
Out on the Illinois state line drifting away

There's a basement in Brooklyn
A backyard in Austin
A full tank of gas in L.A.
A skyline in Nashville that begs for forgiveness
And brethren on the Shenandoah Banks
It's an undying reason for keeping this rhythm
A catalyst of corduroy and chrome
It's that never ending weekend
That sure feels like working
And the trenches we've grown to call home

We sing about our hometowns
Lost loves and let downs
The hard times and the lives we all need
We're working on our way out
through the soft sound of sundown
Surviving our own revery
We know every word or every word worth knowing
By the liars we aspire to be
Just a sound track of killing ourselves in slow motion
Well at least we'll all go out in peace
Not me no not me