Loftus’ songwriting prowess has long since progressed past the point where cookie-cutter copies of other’s glories are in the cards. He has his own voice, it’s full of echoes listeners will recognize, but it’s ultimately his own. He has plenty of artistic forebears and antecedents, without a doubt, but there’s no question as well that Western Medicine represents Greg Loftus’s writing, recording, and releasing his best songwriting yet. He sounds far from done. ” - Garth Thomas

The Hollywood Digest

On Greg Loftus’s newest album Western Medicine, he shows us how his sound has matured. This album takes on a refined country sound with inspiration from folk to rock. Though this album tackles tough topics, Loftus always highlights positive in his own unique way. Full of depth and character, Western Medicine is a big album for Greg Loftus, be sure to keep up with the artist to see what they are up to in the future.” - Ethan Hrenko

Indie Band Guru

The album and songs such as this aren’t the work of some fly-by-night dilettante temporarily fascinated with the Americana genre. Instead, it’s the work of a musician and songwriter who’s committed a good portion of his life with his art. You can hear that in these songs – they mean everything to Greg Loftus. The teaser for his Western Medicine album is an excellent and thoughtful introduction to the Massachusetts-born singer/songwriter’s talents.” - Julie Blankenship

Music Existence

When My Day Comes is a deep dive into existentialism. It is a song, essentially, about accepting mortality and contains some beautiful sentiments – the refrain is built around the line “Come on baby won’t you help me get my boots on / Because I don’t want to be inside when my day comes”. The lyrics exude a sort of hard-won wisdom and this is embodied by Loftus and his characteristically gritty vocal style. When My Day Comes does everything that good country music should; it addresses the hard, painful realities of life while celebrating the good times. Loftus’ gift for songwriting is evident and he will be converting even more fans with this beautiful single of his.”

The Ark of Music